A Crown Of Thorns
Blood of Wintersbreath
Book 1
Chapter XV
A Crown of Thorns


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Since rescuing the amnesiac Tsura from orc captivity, Sloan settled back in to life in Fangwood Keep. Tsura was placed under Iandra's care, taking responsibility for tutoring and mentoring the young sorcerer in her unusual gift. In the meanwhile, Seneschal Laidros consulted with Sloan with increasing regularity on matters of governance for Fangwood Keep and Marideth's Crossing.

Several days following her return from Ironhill, Sloan was awakened to the arrival of a diplomatic envoy from Tamran. None other than the Forest Marshal Weslen Gavrik led this envoy, having come after receiving Laidros' letter regarding the defeat of the Brotherhood of the Black Talon. Sloan discovered that the Forest Marshal was as little a fan of politics as she was, and simply wanted to see how things were coming along following the liberation first-hand.

At the end of the day-long meeting, the Weslen informed Sloan that due to her role in the defeat of the Brotherhood of the Black Talon and her efforts at rebuilding Marideth's Crossing, he would offer her the appointment of Duchess of the Southern Marideth Region — a largely honorary title as Nirmathas holds no landed nobility — but a historic title associated with the safekeeper of Fangwood Keep. The title came with recognized ownership of Fangwood Keep and Marideth's Crossing and the responsibility of its protection and maintenance. In return, Fangwood Keep could call on the aid of the Chernassardo Rangers and the militias of Tamran in times of need, as well as receive a monthly stipend from returns in forestry and trapping in the region.

At Iandra and Seneschal Laidros' recommendations, Sloan reluctantly took the Thorn Crown of Fangwood and assumed the title of Duchess of Fangwood Keep.

This was the beginning of her destiny.

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