Aftermath II
Blood of Wintersbreath
Book 1
Chapter XV
Blood Ties


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After returning to Fangwood Keep after a successful mission into the Blightwood, Sloan and company took a few days to recuperate from their difficult journey. During this time, Iandra and Ashera began deciphering and plotting the geographical information provided by the orrery, though they estimated it would take at least two weeks to complete the task.

Meanwhile, Sloan attended a few meetings with Seneschal Laidros to discuss improvements to Marideth's Crossing and Fangwood Keep. She also helped Iandra instruct Tsura on how better to use her powers, and studied under Hokuto to improve her dreamwalking abilities, learning how to summon a persona — a powerful outsider forged from psychic energy — while in the dreamscape.

After five days, Sloan and her inner circle met to discuss the events at hand and agreed that following up on Loga's research and investigating the mountain location known as the "Demon's Maw" was a priority. Ashera opted to stay behind for this mission and continue her research into the ley line coordinates.

Continued In The Unwoven Tapestry
Continued In Into the Demon's Maw