Chapter I: And Evils Imminent
Carrion Crown

“Why all this terror?' said he, in a tremulous voice. 'Hear me, Petros: I come not to alarm you; no, by Heaven! I love you too well- too well for my own peace.” – Auren Vrood

Story Synopsis

Professor Petros Lorrimor is dead. He died in mysterious circumstances after quitting his teaching position at Lepidstadt University and moving to the village of Ravengro with his partner Auren Vrood and his child, Fife. Their interest in the area was the foreboding and haunted Harrowstone Prison. Now Vrood is missing and Fife has only fragments of their memories of what happened.

Eivan Vasylyev, an Irrisen expatriate living in Ustalav, was invited to Ravengro first by Professor Lorrimor and then again by Fife to attend their father's funeral. Upon arrival Eivan learns that Vrood was a member of The Whispering Way who coersed Lorrimor into assisting him extract a unique ectoplasmic spirit from the walls of Harrowstone Prison. At some point during the ritual to trap the spirit Lorrimor was killed. With the spirit extracted the Whispering Way cult disappeared leaving in their wake an impending supernatural disaster for Ravengro.

Vesorianna, the warden's wife, had been keeping the spirits contained since the warden's removal but her power over them was limited and faltering.

Just before the most powerful spirits of the prison could make a final push against Vesorianna, Eivan and his companions were able to destroy the spirits permanently.