Carrion Crown
Carrion Crown
Genre Gothic Horror
Current Story Arc Distemper Whispers
Chapter I And Evils Imminent
Chapter II Into Destruction Cast Them
Chapter III Distemper Whispers
Chapter IV The Blind Feast
Chapter V To Loathe the Taste of Sweetness
Chapter VI All Days Are Nights
Prequel In the Shadow of the Aurora

Campaign Information

Player Character
Eivan Vasylyev
Major NPCs
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Minor NPCs
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Ustalav 4709

Ustalav is the seat of Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant, retired but not expunged from the land. Centuries begin and end yet his lips do not rest - he mutters relentlessly words of power that sustain him. The Ustalav adherents of the Whispering Way faith revere him and in their shared devotion commit to releasing his spirit. To this end, the cult races to complete dark rituals, blood sacrifice, unholy trades, and occult blasphemy.

For centuries the country slept as Whispers tickled their ears and the breath of a deathless tyrant chilled their necks.

Your first night under an Ustalavan moon you dreamt you pricked a finger on a shard of mirror and thought nothing of it while shades lapped up the blood that fell.

Everyone in Ustalav has had a dream of bleeding. A scrape, a knife wound, a bit lip, a needle, and all forget these dreams upon waking.

If left unchecked, everyone in Ustalav will wake to find it is Night and their home unnaturally quiet; no one else to be found. They will walk out the door and look up to see a moon ripe with the blood of every person who dared to rest their tired heads at Tar-Baphon's feet. Above their heads a voice will hiss a compulsion "SERVE" before the hands of undead slaves carry out his commands and tear the living limb from limb.


Major Locations
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