The Books Of Bones
The Books of Bones
Genre Mystery/Character Drama
Current Story Arc Completed
Start Date Early Summer 2011
End Date December 31st, 2011

Plot Synopsis

Drawn into a web of intrigue an inquisitor for the church of Pharasma, Viktor Uvarov, comes to the long forgotten city of Kirovosk Barrow in search of a lost priest. Along the way he is joined by the precocious gnome ranger Sem, a noble of Korovisk Barrow named Gideon Hightower, and Gideon's brother Ulysses who joined the Hellknights after leaving the Barrows as a child.

In the Barrowsm Viktor and his companions are pulled into a centuries-old game being played out across the planes, a game with deadly consequences, for the wrong winner could unleash the wrath of a milennia old Axiomite gestalt driven mad by an unsolvable cosmic riddle. Together, they are able to solve the riddle of the Books of Bones and destroy the corrupted Gestalt, freeing all the souls that belonged to the prior participants of the game.

Character Creation

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Class Variant

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Superior Hit Dice

This gives the character a hit point roll of somewhere between 1/2 HD and full HD. The lowest possible is lower than an average roll on a die (in which an averaged d6 would be 3.5, and you can add up the point-fives when you get another one).

Hit Die
d6 1d4+2 hp. 3-6
d8 2d3+2 hp. 4-8
d10 1d6+4 hp. 5-10
d12 2d4+4 hp. 6-12
Rolling a d3: assuming the player does not have one of those nifty six-sided d3s, the player rolls a d6, counts 1's, 2's and 3's as normal, but counts 4's as 1's, 5's as 2's, and 6's as 3's.

Special Substances

0.5gp One pound of copper
5gp One pound of silver
50pg One pound of Gold
100gp One pound of platinum
300gp One pound of mithril (keep in mind mithril weighs 1/2 as much as steel)
300gp One pound of adamantine

Blood (humanoid)
Type ingested; Addiction minor, Fortitude DC 18
Price 1 pint of live blood (1 point of Constitution damage via blood-drain to humanoid opponent)
Effects 1 hour; +1 alchemical bonus to initiative. If addicted, the user also gains a +1d4 alchemical bonus to Strength for as long as he is addicted (re-rolled each time the drug is taken)
Damage 1d2 Con damage
Live Blood: Blood is considered "live" when it is removed from a living host, be it directly or recently. A general rule would be, "If it's still warm, it's still live."


Languages of Golarion
No free common. Bonus languages only chosen from regional list. For each language a character is unable to chose based on poor selection, gains one skill point. To gain languages not on list, must invest points in Linguistics to show study was done. Can use Linguistics (untrained) to read strange/archaic versions of regional (not racial) languages.

Starting Money

Campaign Information

Player Characters
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