The Eye Of Eternity
The Eye of Eternity
Genre Exploration/Character Drama
Current Story Arc Concluded
Start Date January 29th, 2012
End Date November 1st, 2014

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

There is a journey about to be taken, one that will lead a handful of special people from the safety of the world that they know, into an untold adventure. It is the greatest story history has forgotten, an adventure that spans from the legends of time immemorial to the heartbeat of the present day.

Pick up your feet, lift your head, and look to the horizon with wonder and respect.

Campaign Information

Player Characters
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Major NPCs
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aelsith.jpg andis.jpg iorith.jpg jalid.jpg mithral-scarab.jpg
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Story Synopsis

Session I The Journey of a Thousand Miles
Session II Castaway
Session III Finding Footing
Chapter I: The Demon of Almas
Session I Lacrimosa
Session II Mistaken Identities
Session III The Best Laid Plans
Session IV The Devil is in the Details
Chapter II: To The Horizon
Session I Enter, Professor
Session II The Key and the Chain
Session III Wolf in Merc's Clothing
Chapter III: Castle of the Storm King
Session I Before a Precipice
Session II The Ascent
Session III The Day We Ran
Chapter I: Adrift
Session I Islanded in a Sea of Stars
Chapter II: The City of Golden Death
Session I So Close, Yet So Very Far
Session II The You That Never Was
Session III To Be A Tyrant
Session IV The Long Goodbye
Chapter III: Balok
Session I The Dreamseer
Session II Hömlund
Session III The Lost
Chapter IV: The Forgotten King
Session I No Man Needs Nothing
Session II Twisting Roads
Session III A Shadow on the Wall
Session IV Bleeding Out
Session V Victory at a Price
Session VI Divided Agendas, Part I
Session VII Divided Agendas, Part II
Session VIII The Long Record
Session IX Shadows and the Microcosm
Session X Where There's Smoke
Session XI Eldritch Legacies
Session XII Nemesis
Chapter V: The Harrowing
Session I Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Session II Enter, Professor II
Session III Uncivilized War
Session IV Rally Point
Session V Mirror Maze
Session VI Great Pains
Session VII The Night of Ash and Fire, Part I
Session VII The Night of Ash and Fire, Part II
Chapter VI: A Banquet for the Shadows
Session I Divided We Fall
Session II Welcome to the Barrows
Session III The Mark of Life
Session IV Through an Hourglass, Darkly
Session V Darkest Depths
Session VI Origins of the Beast
Chapter VII: Legend of the Jade Phoenix
Session I Respite
Session II Land of Spirits
Session III Marked for Death
Session IV To The Tournament!
Session V A Legend of Victories
Session VI Deceit
Session VII The Dragon's Shadow
Session VIII The Legend of Yun-Chumo
Session IX Deceit


Major Locations
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cogd.jpg homlund.jpg
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Miscelaneous Information