Blood of Wintersbreath
Blood of Wintersbreath
Genre High Fantasy
Current Story Arc Blood of Wintersbreath
Start Date January 3rd, 2015
End Date Pending

β€œIn the depth of winter I finally learned that in me there was an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

In the frontier nation of Nirmathas, between the bulwark of Lastwall and the would-be tyrants of Molthune, the village of Wintersbreath laid all but forgotten in the tall pines of Fangwood. In these secluded hills, the daughter of a retired pair of explorers would discover a secret buried deep within both her hometown and her soul, a secret that would take her to the tops of the highest peaks and the heart of fiery battlefields. All to stand against the coming tide of a winter that would claim us all…

Campaign Information

Player Character
Major NPCs
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Story Synopsis

Blood of Wintersbreath
Part I Sign of the Stag
Part II A Lonesome Road
Part III The Line
Part IV The Circle
Part V Waylaid
Part VI The Taking of Fangwood Keep
Part VII Aftermath I
Part VIII Dreamwalker I
Part IX Cleaning Up
Part X The Power of a Word
Part XI The Great Work I
Part XII Dreamwalker II
Part XIII Dreamwalker III
Part XIV A Trail of Red
Part XV A Crown of Thorns
Part XVI Blood Ties
Part XVII The Unwoven Tapestry
Part XVIII Aftermath II
Part XVIX Into the Demon's Maw


Major Locations
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