Hokuto Ichihara, 13th Dreamseer

Pathfinder Character Sheet

Name Hokuto Ichihara
Class & Level ???
Gender Female Race Kitsune
Birthdate Unknown Age Unknown
Height 5' 6" Build Thin
Eyes Green/White Hair Black
First Seen The Blood of Wintersbreath Last Seen
Profile Hokuto Ichihara is the 13th dreamseer of the clan Ichihara. Hailing from the Empire of Minkai in Tian Xia, she serves as an diviner and fortune-teller. Hokuto is a devout servant of Desna and on many occasions seems to have inscrutable motivations and unusually clear knowledge of future events. She has been present for both the Winter War and the Ironfang War and potentially other historic confrontations, always disappearing before their completion.
Hokuto Ichihara, 13th Dreamseer
Hokuto Ichihara

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