Ines Sofinisba Pontecorvo

Pathfinder Character Sheet

Name Ines Sofinisba Pontecorvo
Class & Level Fighter 1, Mesmerist 1, Swashbuckler 7
Gender Female Race Human
Birthdate Gozran 15, 4680 Age 23
Height Unknown Build Athletic
Eyes Unknown Hair Unknown
Strength XX
Dexterity XX
Constitution XX
Intelligence XX
Wisdom XX
Charisma XX
First Seen The Enigma Codex Last Seen
Profile Ines Pontecorvo is the eldest daughter of the defunct Pontecorvo family, a formerly prestigious Wiscrani noble house that fell to ruin in the years following the Chelish Civil War.
Ines Sofinisba Pontecorvo

Ines Pontecorvo (Alias: Ines Tilernos)

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