Pathfinder Character Sheet

Name Ioane
Class & Level Fighter - Shadowblade (1)
Gender Male Race Caligni
Birthdate 4683 12 Lamashan Age 24
Height 5'9" Build Lithe
Eyes Violet Hair Black
First Seen Crown of Stars Last Seen

The caligni - and dark folk in general - are rarely seen on the surface, and easily mistaken for some sort of half-drow or half-elves of some strange descent if seen uncovered. Ioane is no exception to the fact that few dark folk are ever seen uncovered, however, wearing a hood and beneath his loose garments wrapped in leather wrappings from head to toe as is their tradition.

He's fairly new to the city, seeking knowledge of the Azlanti, of the Thassilonian empire, and of his own kind. He doesn't seem to carry weapons, but he wears armour as if one used to it, so it's difficult to say what his specialties are.


Other Information