Jalid Al'Harain of the Wrenkata

Pathfinder Character Sheet

Name Jalid Al'Harain of the Wrenkata
Class & Level Cleric [Crusader] 9
Gender Male Race Human (Qadiran)
Birthdate Pharast 15, 4674 AR Age 37
Height 6' 2" Build Muscular
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Strength 24 = 18 + 6 Enhancement
Dexterity 12 = 12
Constitution 15 = 15
Intelligence 10 = 10
Wisdom 24 = 18 + 6 Enhancement
Charisma 14 = 14
First Seen The Eye of Eternity Last Seen
Profile A crusader of Sarenrae, Jalid was on a quest to join the Knights of the Bleeding Rose when he came across the Wanderers in the village of Hömlund in southern Varisia. Joining with the Wanderers in their quest, Jalid was slain by the undead dragon Tukanem-Hanam in Osirion. However his body mysteriously disappeared, leaving his fate unknown.
Jalid Al'Harain of the Wrenkata

Jalid Al'Harain

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