Cleaning Up
Blood of Wintersbreath
Book 1
Chapter IX
Cleaning Up


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The first act as unofficial protectors of Fangwood Keep had Sloan and her companions setting out to confront the survivors from the Brotherhood of the Black Talon. Six different camps were scouted and assaulted, each one carrying emergency provisions that could be sent back to the town of Marideth's Crossing to improve the quality of life for the refugees now living there. At one of the bandit camps, Sloan encountered a massive dire wolf that had already slain several of the bandits for food. Using her innate divine gift, Sloan reached out to the mind of the wolf and convinced it she was its ally. Together, Sloan and the dire wolf laid waste to the remaining bandits before she finally released it back into the wild.

With the remaining bandits dead or scattered, the last of the Brotherhood of the Black Talon were wiped out. What goods they had were shipped back to Fangwood Keep and redistributed to the locals, giving them arms to defend themselves, food, winter provisions, and much more that would help them endure what was appearing to be a harsh winter to come. The wolf, her task complete, was released from Sloan's influence and allowed to return to her own ways. It would not be the last time the two crossed paths, but that story comes much later.

The morning after routing the bandits from the countryside, Sloan paid a visit to Ashera to catch up. Ashera was wistful, seated in one of the windows of the watch tower and seeming to be a thousand miles away. She confessed to Sloan that she recognized the armor Sloan wore as the handiwork of Dannor, Sloan's father. Ashera knew Dannor when he was a young man living in the village of Homlund in the Bloodsworn Vale between Varisia and Nirmathas. Ashera had taught Dannor all he knew about swordplay and archery. Skills he passed down to Sloan. Though Ashera did not speak much of their relationship, it became apparent to Sloan that the reason Ashera had stuck around after recent events was more related to Sloan's bloodline than first believed.

When asked what had brought Ashera to Wintersbreath on that fateful day, she said it was following the trail of the orcs. But Ashera was still a thousand miles away, staring wistfully out a lonely tower window.

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