Nation Nirmathas
Size Small Town
Population 1,182
Demographics 93% human, 3% elf, 1% half-elf, 3% other
Government Council
Alignment Neutral
Leader The Circle of Hierophants

Crystalhurst is a town in the Fangwood ruled by a circle of druids. The homes of Crystalhurst and other fixtures of the town blend in with nature and the circle of druids are primarily concerned with threats from the Darkblight at Fangwood's heart rather than Molthune, although they are willing to help the Nirmathi repel Molthuni invaders.

Sites of Interest

Cathedral of the Green Faith

At the center of Crystalhurst is a large wooden lodge grown from the surrounding oak trees. Within this lodge a circle of ancient standing stones, around which grow five trees—ash, oak, birch, yew, and fir—stand as the center of power for the druidic circle and a place of special importance to adherents to the ancient religion of the Green Faith.


  • In 4706 after the destruction of Wintersbreath, survivors of the town's destruction and former orc captives from outlying communities were briefly offered shelter on the outskirts of Crystalhurst.