Dreamwalker I
Blood of Wintersbreath
Book 1
Chapter VIII
Dreamwalker I


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While nearly all of the survivors of Wintersbreath were now safe behind the walls of Marideth's Crossing, there was still one survivor left unaccounted for. Sloan's father Dannor was still missing, and Sloan refused to believe that he died in the destruction of the ley lines within Norvathskur. Thoughts of her father's disappearance haunted Sloan in the forms of increasingly vivid and unusual dreams, much like her vision of the circle of trees and the dying stag. One morning she awoke–or so she believed–in a place not where she recalled laying her head down. Sloan had slipped lucidly into the Dimension of Dreams, a realm of psychic manifestations where the subconscious held great control. Sloan was quick to adapt to this unusual landscape of dreaming power, seemingly another intuitive aspect of her rapidly growing repirtoire of magical power.

Two nights after awakening to her power, Sloan decided to push the limits of the Dimension of Dreams and use the fabric of the dreaming realm to help find her missing father. By weaving psychic energy together and expanding her consciousness beyond her known horizons, Sloan was able to briefly make contact with her father while he slept, forming a bridge between the Material Plane where Sloan slumbered, and the unpredictable realm of the First World where Dannor had been pulled through the collapsing ley line.

Dannor and Sloan's reunion was a short-lived one, but one that provided Sloan with information about her father's true whereabouts, even if it brought her no closer to rescuing him from his fate. Even if fleeting. Father and Daughter vowed to see one-another again, and Sloan returned to the waking world more determined than ever.

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