Dreamwalker II
Blood of Wintersbreath
Book 1
Chapter XVII
Dreamwalker II


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Before heading to find the red orc, Sloan made an attempt to connect to the orc's dreams to learn more about him. However her attempt at dreamwalking was met with peril, and Sloan's lucid mind was sent hurtling into a realm of nightmares rather than her intended target. She wound up in a lightless, freezing underwater realm where she immediately began to suffocate. Though she tried to find the surface, Sloan was unable to fight the icy currents and was pulled down under. Just when it would seem the nightmarescape would consume her mind, she was ejected from the watery realm onto a starlit beach.

On the dark beach, Sloan climbed up from the shoreline over a ridge to find a dreamscape version of Wintersbreath, still ablaze as it was the day the orcs first set it aflame, though completely abandoned. Like moth to a flame, Sloan walked through the burning wreckage of her hometown, and wound up somewhere else entirely. The wooden architecture of Wintersbreath gradually transitioned to ancient stone architecture and much taller buildings. No matter where she stood, Sloan could see a massive tower of metal framework smoldering with glowing embers within, like some sort of burning effigy of a tower. This entire city was aflame, buildings crumbling from damage and bodies strewn in the street. It was here she spotted a snow white fox with black feet and a tail that looked like its tip was dipped in ink. Most unusual about the fox, is that it had a strange symbol like an eye on its brow and one blind eye.

The fox led Sloan through the dangerous, burning streets to a derelict bookstore. The placard outside of the store read Ichihara Booksellers. Sloan made her way through the bookstore, discovering a small table at the back where a Harrow deck laid. The fox watched Sloan, carefully, as she drew a single card from the deck — the Feathered Serpent — and felt a surge of power flow through her. When she replaced the card, the fox left out a back door.

Following the fox, Sloan found a small courtyard behind the bookstore and followed the fox down through a bulkhead into a basement. Here Sloan found the fox waiting in front of a tall, shattered mirror. In the mirror Sloan did not see herself, but instead saw herself asleep in her bed at Fangwood Keep. When she touched the mirror, Sloan woke up in a cold sweat right where she'd seen herself…

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