Dreamwalker III
Blood of Wintersbreath
Book 1
Chapter XVIII
Dreamwalker III


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The morning after her harrowing dream, Sloan had an awkward breakfast and spoke to her mother about the strange dream. She gathered Durgan, Mechaim, and Ashera, along with her mother, and prepared to head out to Ironhill. However, on passing through Marideth Crossing Sloan spotted a Varisian carriage driven by a short old man with a hooked nose. Curious, Sloan stopped to investigage. The wagon had four unusual lanterns hanging from the corners that burned with a blue flame. On speaking to the driver, Sloan discovered that the passenger in the carriage had come through Marideth's Crossing seeking her.

The wagon's occupant was a half-Varisian half-Tien woman with one blind eye who called herself Hokuto Ichihara. Hokuto was a fortune teller and dreamwalker who was, in fact, the fox from Sloan's dream. Explaining her gift to Sloan, Hokuto performed an impromptu Harrowing and gave Sloan some advice on her continuing journey, then offered to help teach her how to control her dreaming powers if she could be permitted to stay at Fangwood Keep. Sloan agreed, and Hokuto exclaimed how it was nice to teach another dreamwalker again, but that eventually she would need to finish her journey to Korvosa where she had "one last thing to do."

After her meeting with Hokuto, Sloan and her group departed for Ironhill.

Previously Dreamwalker II
Continued In A Trail of Red