Eye Of Eternity: Character Creation

Eye of Eternity: Character Creation

Character Creation Information
Stats Point Buy (Epic Fantasy)
Starting Level 1st
Starting Money Special (See Below)
House Rules Yes
Hero Points Yes
Campaign Traits Yes
Restricted Books None
Alignment Restrictions No Evil Characters

Creation Guidelines

Characters who will star in The Eye of Eternity should be designed to have a sense of wonder and amazement about the world around them. There will be a great deal of world travel over the course of the campaign and it represents an opportunity to experience much of Golarion and beyond for the first time.

Characters of a young age or characters who have led sheltered lives and not seen much of the world will find additional enjoyment in the story the campaign presents. Starting at 1st level means that your characters will likely never have been on an adventure before, living ordinary or typically mundane lives or otherwise not getting in to too much danger. However, this does not mean your character should be boring. A sense of wonder, a desire to see the world, a desire to be "special" or a belief that you were meant for greater things will set your character on a perfect course to move with the story.

Special Options

The Eye of Eternity features several special character options designed to integrate you further into the campaign. You may utilize as many or as few of these special options as you like. Some are represented by special Campaign Traits, others are unique character options and variant rules.

Campaign Traits

Wanderlust Soul

Raised as an orphan in the city of Almas in Andoran with no knowledge of your family, you have dreamed long and often of escaping your life and moving on to somewhere more adventurous, finding your escape only through books. While the capital city of Andoran has been your home for all that you can remember of your life, you cannot help but feel a certain detachment from it and that there is something greater waiting out there for you…

Restriction: Human Only. May not take the Child of the Mana Wastes campaign trait.
Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Survival checks and a +1 trait bonus on any Knowledge check that you have a skill rank in.
Special: Further greatness awaits…

Child of the Mana Wastes

For whatever reasons, the dangerous and magic-dead realm of the Mana Wastes has been your home for as long as you can remember. Life has been hard and has always seemed to tether you to this blasted and dangerous land. But chance, or perhaps fate, has given you a chance to see the world and leave the Mana Wastes behind, boarding a ship bound for the Free Nation of Andoran… and your destiny.

Restriction: Commoner, Noble, Warrior and Expert only. May not take the Wanderlust Soul campaign trait.
Benefit: You begin play with one or more hero points, and your total maximum allotment of hero points is permanently increased by that much, as detailed below.

  • Commoner: 3 Hero Points
  • Warrior: 1 Hero Point
  • Noble: 1 Hero Point
  • Expert: 2 Hero Points
  • Special: Further benefits will emerge as you advance in level.

Dearly Departed

A member of your family or a close friend has just recently disappeared in the city of Almas and you have taken it upon yourself to find out what has happened to them.

Benefit: When searching for answers to your friend's disappearance, you recieve a +1 trait bonus to Diplomacy and Perception. After you have resolved the search, you will instead gain a +1 trait bonus to all saving throws.

Class Variant

War-Schooled Rogue

Trained in the arts of war by a prestigious military academy you have gained a cunning insight into the art of combat. While you may not be as skilled at an ambush as an ordinary rogue, you make up for it in increased versatility and utility.

Benefit: At every level that you would normally get sneak attack, a War-Schooled rogue instead gains a bonus Combat feat. Levels in war-schooled rogue counts as levels of fighter for the purpose of qualifying for prestige classes or feats.

House Rules

The Eye of Eternity features a handful of unique rules designed to tailor the game-play to better meet the needs of the story as it presents itself. These changes do not drastically alter the game itself, but rather the way it is played and the mindset of the players involved. Each house rule designed for The Eye of Eternity is detailed below.

No Experience

In The Eye of Eternity characters do not gain experience in the traditional manner by defeating monsters, overcoming traps or solving a clever puzzle. Instead characters in the campaign will automatically be rewarded with a level by passing specific milestones in the story, regardless of the number of monsters they have killed or what their experience total is.

This rule was created to keep a steady and manageable pace of advancement despite potential lulls in direct combat without needing to hand out arbitrary amounts of "Roleplay" bonus experience.

Hero Points

Hero Points will be utilized in The Eye of Eternity. In addition to the normal rules for Hero Points, there will be special occasions or unique abilities that become available to characters that may only be used by expending hero points.

Hero points will be frequently rewarded, though you may only have a maximum of 3 at a time. This can be increased by taking the Child of the Mana Wastes campaign trait and being a member of one of the eligible classes.


As the story of The Eye of Eternity unfolds, each character's individual destiny will be challenged. A special statistic will be tracked throughout the campaign, representing an intangible "force" that each character presents against the machinations of fate and predetermination.

Your Fate score is equal to double your character level (minimum 1), plus an additional amount awarded by achieving special unique events through the course of the game above and beyond the course of the normal story. You will be notified if you gain additional "Fate" through the course of your actions.

At any point in the story, your may take the total sum of your Fate instead of the result of a roll, or in place of your armor class for a single attack. Accomplishing this feat requires expending a hero point, at which point you declare what you are using your destiny score for.

For example, Adrian has a Fate score of 34 and is in a pivotal struggle against a powerful creature. Instead of rolling to attack to see if he hits, Adrian expends a hero point and declares that he is using Fate to guide his attack. Instead of rolling for the result, he tallies the result as if he rolled a 34 on the d20. A character using fate cannot score critical hits with attack rolls or automatically succeed/automatically fail a d20 check.

Your Fate is never static, however. Every time you use a hero point to use your Fate, your overall Fate score drops by an amount equal to double the number of total hero points you have spent over the course of the campaign on Fate.

Going back to the above example, Adrian has just used his Fate to score an attack roll of 34. This is the third time he has used Fate, and as such his fate score drops by 6 points, down to a total of 28. The next time he uses Fate, his score will drop down by 8 points.

Your Fate score can reach 0 in this way.

Starting Money

All characters in The Eye of Eternity begin play with maximum starting money as appropriate for their class.