Fangwood Keep
Fangwood Keep
Nation Nirmathas
Status Active Fortress

Fangwood Keep is the name given to fortification of Molthuni construction set atop Marideth's Rise, a granite cliff on the southern banks of the Marideth River, a short distance from the town of Marideth's Crossing. The Keep is currently home to Sloan, the Duchess of Fangwood Keep and serves as a center of defense for Marideth's Crossing and the surrounding countryside.


The original construction on the site of Fangwood Keep was an elven fortress named Telaraduil, built sometime prior to the Age of Darkness more than 10,000 years ago by the elven transmuter Tessarael as a network for aiudara gates. The keep war partially destroyed during the Age of Darkness, and subsequent milennia of neglect left the above-ground portions of the keep in ruins. When Molthune built Fangwood Keep in 4648 AR, they used the remaining stone.

Following Nirmathas' secession from Molthune in 4648 AR, Fangwood Keep became a hotly contested fortification on the ever-fluctuating Nirmathas-Molthune border. The region was held for nearly a decade by Molthune under the tactical guidance of Duke Armareni of Fangwood Keep up until an assault by the Chernasardo Rangers demolished part of the southern wall and left the keep defenseless. The keep was abandoned by both sides and largely reclaimed by nature. The keep became a popular hideout for bandits and other itinerant criminals for years to come.

In 4707 refugees from the villages of Wintersbreath, Skelt, and other outlying Nirmathi communities ravaged by invading orc forces from Belkzen drove off the Brotherhood of the Black Talon—a local bandit army paid by Molthune to spy on Nirmathas—and claimed the keep for themselves. The Forest Lord of Nirmathas appointed Sloan the Duchess of Fangwood Keep (the first to hold such a title since 4658) and officially recognized the settlement of Marideth's Crossing as under the Duchess' protection.

Orcs laid seige to Fangwood Keep on Desnus 30th in 4708, using powerful magic to bypass the wall's defenses. The siege was repelled and Fangwood Keep held fast. The keep has not come under attack since.