Nation Varisia
Size Village
Population 123
Demographics 97% human, 3% other
Government Autocracy
Alignment Neutral
Leader Mayor Jöl Durnsson

Hömlund is a small community nestled between the Jeggare river and the Bloodsworn Vale in south-eastern Varisia. Primarily a farming community, Hömlund is notable for being a planned settlement of Ulfen colonists from the Linnorm Kingdoms. These settlers, now third generation, moved to Varisia in search of warmer climates and richer fields. Originally intending on settling on the coast of the Inner Sea, they settled in in south-eastern Varisia after seeing the land that would become Hömlund.

Sites of Interest

Church of Cernunnos

Constructed in 4704, the Church of Cernunnos is the newest and most well-constructed building in Hömlund. Dedicated to the Empyreal Lord of its namesake, the church serves the predominantly Cernunnite faith of Hömlund as its religious center. Services are held daily at sundown.

Abandoned Silver Mine

Just one mile from Hömlund lies a silver mine, originally opened by Chelish settlers centuries ago. The people of Hömlund briefly considered re-opening the mine, but tests of ore samples indicated that the silver vein once present had been entirely depleted. The mine has since been boarded up to prevent wild animals, bandits or other undesirables from settling within.