As the story of The Eye of Eternity unfolds, each character's individual destiny will be challenged. A special statistic will be tracked throughout the campaign, representing an intangible "force" that each character presents against the machinations of fate and predetermination.

Your Fate score starts at 2 at first level, and you gain 2 additional points of Fate every level thereafter, plus an additional amount awarded by achieving special unique events through the course of the game above and beyond the course of the normal story. You will be notified if you gain additional "Fate" through the course of your actions.

At any point in the story, your may take the total sum of your Fate instead of the result of a roll, or in place of your armor class for a single attack. Accomplishing this feat requires expending a hero point, at which point you declare what you are using your destiny score for.

For example, Adrian has a Fate score of 34 and is in a pivotal struggle against a powerful creature. Instead of rolling to attack to see if he hits, Adrian expends a hero point and declares that he is using Fate to guide his attack. Instead of rolling for the result, he tallies the result as if he rolled a 34 on the d20. A character using fate cannot score critical hits with attack rolls or automatically succeed/automatically fail a d20 check.

You may also decide to use Fate to change the result of a roll you made on your turn, changing the result of "pre-destined" events.

Your Fate is never static, however. Every time you use a hero point to use your Fate, your overall Fate score drops by an amount equal to double the number of total hero points you have spent over the course of the campaign on Fate.

Going back to the above example, Adrian has just used his Fate to score an attack roll of 34. This is the third time he has used Fate, and as such his fate score drops by 6 points, down to a total of 28. The next time he uses Fate, his score will drop down by 8 points.

Your Fate score can reach 0 in this way.