Chapter II: Into Destruction Cast Them
Carrion Crown

“Fools think death a loss of power. There is a power in death, a great power ready for those strong enough to claim it." Anon

Story Synopsis

The long dead prisoners of Harrowstone Prison have been put to rest and Ravengro is safe from impending doom.

Questions remain: why did the Whispering Way take the ectoplasm amalgamation of Harrowstone's warden? Where did they go next? Was the Beast of Lepidstadt involved as those in Ravengro claimed it was? What happened to the missing Count Caromarc?

Eivan Vasylyev has not divined the answers to these questions - instead he has found himself consumed by the interests and squabbles of Prof. Lorrimor's colleagues and rivals in Lepidstadt.

Firstly, Prof. Christine Belknap who was thrilled to met Eivan and provided him some information about the Beast of Lepidstadt and recruited him and his companions into an exploratory expedition into the Copper Gate, a portal to a demiplane created by Ralzeros the Overwatched, a mad wizard, on the Isle of Kortos centuries ago.

Ralzeros became obsessed with The Dark Tapestry and sought to use the voices behind the veil to expand his knowledge of magic. An entity from The Dark Tapestry named Corner of Spheres infiltrated Ralzeros's demiplane, trapping him there were Corner of Spheres tormented and probed Ralzeros' mind and body for centuries. By the time Eivan arrived, Ralzeros's body was an unrecognizable lump of inside out flesh and entrails, slumped unconscious on the side of an obelisk. After defeating Corner of Spheres the company decided to perform a ritual to fold the demiplane up, sealing it, they also sent Ralzeros's body back through the portal where it collapsed, dying upon crossing back to the Material Plane. The only artifact they were able to salvage from the demiplane was a book that radiates magic but appears to be blank.

Secondly, Embreth Daramid is the Steward of the Lepidstadt chapter of the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye. She and Prof. Lorrimor did not get along well but shared interests and research for a time. Eivan and his companions approached the Esoteric Order to find out if there was any information the Esoteric Order could tell them about The Whispering Way. This turned out to be very bad timing for the Esoteric Order as they are currently involved in a bit of a violent squabble with the Technic League. It seems that the Order has illegally imported technologic artifacts from Numeria, of which the Technic League claims sole ownership. The Technic League has attacked the Order's chapter house and is intent on getting the artifacts back by any means necessary. Embreth has offered to help Eivan research what the Whispering Way is up to on the condition that he help clear their chapter house of the Technic League.

Upon arriving at the chapter house it quickly became apparent that something had gone very wrong with the Technic League's plan. After speaking with survivors it now appears that while trying to crate artifacts the Esoteric Order had, something had been released into the chapter house killing indiscriminately.