Junker's Edge

Garbage gathered by Gorvi’s boys is routinely dumped over the edge of this cliff to gather on the beach below. Several of the town’s Gozreh worshipers (in particular Hannah Velerin; see area 45, Hannah’s) rankle at this practice, but until an equally cost-effective and convenient option is presented, the town council is reluctant to change its ways. In any event, the sea generally makes short work of the junk, ensuring it never piles up too high.

Another reason the garbage never grows too high is the fact that goblins from the Seven Tooth tribe regularly sneak along the coast to raid the beach for bits of metal, scraps of food, not-quite-broken tools, and other “valuable” prizes. As a result, the Seven Tooth goblins have made a name for themselves among the local goblin tribes as the best traders.