They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

— Andy Warhol





The 29th decennial Jade Phoenix Tournament is held.



The High Ecclesiarchy of Pharasma in Kaer Maga are slain in a brutal attack at the Cathedral of Pharasma in the Bottoms. Only Sacred Midwife Maris Jelasco survives the encounter.


Travelers from across Varisia gather in the settlement of Sandpoint for the Swallowtail Festival, an observation of the church of Desna's Swallowtail Release celebration and the consecration of the newly completed Sandpoint Cathedral. At the start of the consecration ritual for the new cathedral, the town comes under attack by goblins and eventually, the dreaded Sandpoint Devil, which escapes after being heavily injured.


An invading army of orcs from the Hold of Belkzen raid the village of Wintersbreath in the Fangwood Forest. Survivors flee into the woods.

The Winter War begins.


A supernatural winter falls over Nirmathas and parts of northern Molthune, plunging the land into an arctic chill.

Orcs raid settlements across Nirmathas, thousands die.



A ley-line storm ravages Mount Ashkajalos in the Mindspin Mountains. In the aftermath of the ley-line storm the supernatural winter ends.

Sloan Hestring is officially recognized as Duchess of Fangwood Keep in southern Nirmathas, protecting the region of Marideth's Crossing.

Massive flooding hits Nirmathas and Molthune as months of winter snow melt in the sudden climate change.

Tremendous thunderstorms and wild tornados ravage the countries surrounding Nirmathas.

A period of reconstruction begins in Nirmathas.

Molthune enters a period of famine as its farmlands are ravaged by the Winter War and the subsequent flooding.



Hobgoblins loyal to the great General Azersi — known as the Ironfang Legion — destroy the Molthuni fortress of Ramgate. The Ironfang War begins.


The Ironfang Legion, led by General Azersi, sacks the city of Marideth's Crossing in Nirmathas. A handful of survivors escape the scourging and form a resistance in the Fangwood Forest.



Two years after it began, the Ironfang War concludes with the surrender of General Azersi against a coalition army consisting of Nirmathan Militia, Korvosan Military, Lastwall Crusaders, and the Molthuni Army along with assistance from the Sky Citadel of Kraggodan and fey armies of the First World.


Imperial Governor Markwin Teldas of Molthune and Grand Marshal Kain Nighthawk of Nirmathas sign an official end to the Nirmathas-Molthune war, ending decades of hostility between the two nations.

The Free States of Nirmathas sign into law their independence on Erastus 7th, becoming an officially recognized nation within the Inner Sea.

Kain Nighthawk abdicates his position as Grand Marshal after appointing a people's council of Nirmathas made up of elected representatives of each Nirmathan state.

The Order of the Pyre begins construction on Citadel Infernus near the Growling Skald Volcano in Nirmathas.


An eruption of the Growling Skald halts all construction of Citadel Infernus and destroys the citadel's foundation. A Thassilonian-era ruin is discovered within the volcano and a delegation of guardians from around Nirmathas venture in to the ruin, returning days later with harrowing tales of demonic presence.

The last vestiges of the Darkblight are seen in the Fangwood Forest. Blighted fey disappear from the region.


The legendary Beast of Kirovosk Barrow in Ustalav is slain for a second time after the murder of Baron Gregordlain Krevoska. The Spire of the Barrows is destroyed by unknown forces and disappears into the lake. Peace returns to Kirovosk Barrow. In the wake of these events, rumors of the ascension of a gnome named Sem from mortal to deity spread like wildfire. These claims are backed by Mother Adelaide Vaughn and Inquisitor Viktor Vaughn-Uvarov of the Church of Pharasma.

Ionacus Gray becomes High Marshall of Kirovosk Barrow.

Kirovosk Barrow establishes peaceful relations with the Barrow Riders goblin clan.