They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

— Andy Warhol








The legendary Beast of Kirovosk Barrow in Ustalav is slain for a second time after the murder of Baron Gregordlain Krevoska. The Spire of the Barrows is destroyed by unknown forces and disappears into the lake. Peace returns to Kirovosk Barrow. In the wake of these events, rumors of the ascension of a gnome named Sem from mortal to deity spread like wildfire. These claims are backed by Mother Adelaide Vaughn and Inquisitor Viktor Vaughn-Uvarov of the Church of Pharasma.

Ionacus Gray becomes High Marshall of Kirovosk Barrow.

Kirovosk Barrow establishes peaceful relations with the Barrow Riders goblin clan.



All the villagers of Hömlund, east of Korvosa in Varisia, disappear without a trace. Banditry briefly increases in the region.







The 30th decennial Jade Phoenix Tournament is held. While disruptive elements from the decade prior's tournament attempt to upset the competitions, the tournament concludes and Oniia, Zipacna Tlocdzucab Jukumari, Seriphos Ketogen, and "Posaria" are crowned champions.

The previous decade's champion, Marthasyn takes the parties responsible for disrupting the tournament into custody, escorting them to Razmiran.











Returning to the capitol of Ustalav, Caliphas, Viktor Vaughn-Uvarov performs a favor for the Westcrown rebellion by brokering delivery of medical aid and weapons to the Knights of the Bleeding Rose. He is called into an emergency council meeting alongside Councilor Gideon Hightower. The details of the meeting are kept a secret by the government of Ustalav, however rumors of myriad fantastical nature quickly spread.

Viktor departs Caliphas for Kirovosk Barrow.

Gideon Hightower covertly claims possession of the Isle of Terror in Lake Encarthan and begins excavations of the Wizard Pit of Tar Baphon.


An assassination attempt on the life of Grand Prince Stavian III of Taldor is thwarted by the Ulfen Guard. The identity of the attempted assassin is revealed to the public be a Chelaxian imperial, however the truth behind the assassination attempt remains closely guarded and the spin of a "Devil-worshipping assassin" is used as political spin to bring the painful and economically damaging war with Cheliax back into favorable light in the people's eyes.

The true plot of the assassination remains a secret for years.













At the height of the Taldan civil war, a meteor falls on the capitol of Oppara in the dead of night, striking just west of the royal palace and devastating one-third of the entire city. Advance warning given to both Queen-Regent Eutrophia Stavian and the Taldan Separatists allow for thousands to be evacuated and spared a fiery demise, though thousands more still perish in the ensuing fires, casualties are significantly less than they could have been.

In the immediate aftermath of the event, Queen-Regent Eutrophia Stavian and Admiral Maximillian Tomas of the Taldan Saparatists order a cease-fire and an end to all aggression between their factions in order to respond to this crisis.






Jarl Siegfried of Kalsgard and his honor guard make a desperate bid to unite the Linnorm Kingdoms against Irrisen and seek out the lair of Fafhnir, King of the Linnorms in an attempt to slay the mighty dragon and unite all Jarls under one High King. Jarl Siegfried never returns from his quest and is presumed dead. Rulership of Kalsgard falls to Steward Levar Bandore until Siegfried's son Sigurd returns home from questing in foreign lands.



Plagued by a series of unexplained murders, the city of Almas in Andoran falls under the terror of the "Demon of Almas," a nightmarish monster murdering seemingly random citizens. Through the efforts of the Eagle Knights and memorable allies Nuvo, Birch, and Seriphos the demon's true identity as a bone devil bound to an evil wizard's service is uncovered, and the wrongly blamed Gargoyle, Wiirn, is exonerated after he aids to defeat the murderous creature and drive off his master.

In this month the first photograph in Golarion history is taken by a reporter of the Andoran Gazette utilizing the alchemical products of photo-reactive paper and flash powder. The first photograph depicts Seriphos, Birch and Nuvo standing with recently-rescued Chelish opera singer Nadira Basu-Sani, then Constable Delecroix and the gargoyle Wiirn outside of a Silver Line train boxcar just following their first encounter with the Demon of Almas.


Temperautres drop to dangerously low levels through all of Avistan following a frigid summer. Abysmal harvests lead to widespread food shortages and riots.


After years of building her power and with temperatures worldwide dropping, Queen Elvanna begins a relentless attack on the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Elvanna's brutal attacks raze entire villages on a warpath to the leaderless Trollheim. Within the month Trollheim has fallen and hundreds of miles of land once belonging to the Ulfen are claimed by Elvanna and her monstrous armies.



Snow is reported to fall as far south as Absalom through the spring, and signs point to a year without a summer. Crops fail when planted and the year's harvest is expected to be minimal across much of the continent.

Golarion becomes coterminous with the planet Aucturn for several months, igniting elemental storms across Osirion that reveal long-forgotten tombs.

Ruby Prince Khemet III of Sothis marries a Chelish noblewoman, casting aside centuries of tradition among the Osirion ruling caste. This union cements a Chelish invitation to join the war of aggression against Andoran in efforts to cease Andoran raids on Osiriani slaving vessels. Khemet is criticized for having been swayed by his new bride, leveraging he and his country into an unprofitable and dangerous war.


"Welcoming Day" in Razmiran. Thousands are in attendance as the Living God, Razmir, holds a nationwide festival to celebrate the arrival of the Wanderers to his lands. The Wanderers are invited to dine in the Royal Palace of Thronestep as honored guests. Rumors persist of their decline of the offer and departure. Evidence of "Welcoming Day" is scrubbed from historical record in the nation and all those who speak of it are swiftly incarcerated.


Sigurd, son of Siegfried, returns to Kalsgard and along with the aid of Oniia, Zipacna, Ketogen, and Lydia ventures to the Crown of the World to find the remains of his father and reclaim the Orb of the Linnorm, a powerful relic once possessed by the Jarl of Kalsgard.

Kalsgard brokers a deal with the Jarl White Estrid of the Ironbound Islands for military aid in the war against Irrisen in exchange for promising Estrid the county of Whitethrone after the war concludes.

Agents of Gideon Hightower fail to persuade White Estrid to lend ships to Westcrown to aid in securing the Arch of Aroden from Cheliax.

Sigurd returns from the distant north with an army of unusual creatures called Charr at his side and begins preparation for a full-scale war against Irrisen.



Yearly negotiations for the allowance of Alkenstar firearms to be sold to foreign nations is held. Representatives from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, Andoran, Westcrown, the Knights of the Pyre, Cheliax and Mendev are in attendance. Tense negotiations regarding the distribution of firearms end with Grand Duchess Trietta Ricia agreeing to lend firearms to Mendev in order to secure the borders of the Worldwound.

Immediately following the summit, the Chelish Ambasador is revealed to have been replaced by a shape-shifting demon allied to an order called the Templar of the Ivory Labyrinth. The Templars, operating in secret in Alkenstar, had hoped to disrupt the summit. Their final solution, unleashing an unspeakably powerful flesh colossus on the city, is thwarted by the combined efforts of the Wanderers and the Shield Marshals alongside Ionacus Gray who was in attendance with the Knights of the Pyre.

The Templar of the Ivory Labyrinth are routed from Alkenstar, revealing their centuries-old presence in the city. Eyes turn north towards the Worldwound at this rise in demonic activity.