Varisia, Wild Frontier Region
Alignment Neutral
Capital None
Notable Settlements Abken (298), Arsmeril (288), Baslwief (405), Biston (286), Crying Leaf (780), Galduria (1,420), Harse (828), Ilsurian (790), Janderhoff (10,230), Kaer Maga (8,000), Korvosa (18,486), Magnimar (16,428), Melfesh (955), Nybor (528), Palin’s Cove (1,896), Ravenmoor (135), Riddleport (13,300), Roderic’s Cove (1,100), Sandpoint (1,240), Sipplerose (635), Sirathu (440), Turtleback Ferry (430), Urglin (5,800), Veldraine (2,360), Wartle (302), Whistledown (551), Wolf’s Ear (240)
Ruler None
Government Unaffiliated city-states
Languages Shoanti, Taldane, Varisian
Religion Abadar, Calistria, Cayden Cailean, Desna, Erastil, Gozreh, Lamashtu, Norgorber, Pharasma, Urgathoa, Zon-Kuthon

Dotted with the monolithic relics of an empire long since crumbled, Varisia is a rough but majestic land, its misty forests and rolling plains bordered by sharp peaks and bountiful seas. Its people, recently released from colonialism, are hardy frontier folk and new-money nobles, all eager to carve names for themselves from Varisia’s stern landscape. Yet beyond their village borders, beasts and giants unused to civilization’s encroachment stalk the hills and woods, making short work of both the unwary and the bold.


  • Sandpoint: Sandpoint is a sleepy fishing town known primarily for its excellent theater and exquisite glass-blowing, and is the only settlement of note on the Lost Coast. Of late, the town has been experiencing an unusual spate of murders and goblin troubles.
  • Storval Plateau: The land of Varisia is split in half by the Storval Rise, a thousand-foot-tall cliff sculpted for much of its length into ancient weatherworn statues, cliff fortresses, and strange portals into eldritch depths. The Rise separates the lush, fertile lowlands from the harsh, arid lands of the eastern plateau. Here, giants and tribes of hard-edged Shoanti hold sway, scraping an existence from the plateau hardpan or chasing herds of thundering aurochs across the sparse grasslands.