Blood of Wintersbreath
Book 1
Chapter 5


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The following morning the group disembarked for the final leg of their journey to Fangwood Keep. Once more the group encountered the presence of trouble on the road, spotting a damaged carriage with a busted axel and an injured man laying in the road while a woman, hunched over him, pleaded for help. As the others were quick to move in and lend their aid, Sloan felt something was terribly amiss. Not more than a moment after Sloan noticed archers hidden in the treeline, an ambush was sprung by the very bandits they were seeking. While the bandits cleverly employed alchemical smoke to mask their position, Sloan and her entourage were able to survive the ambush and defeat the bandits; all of whom wore a tattoo on their wrist of a black bird talon. Thanks to the potions they were given by Bergis Medan, they were able to recuperate quickly, continuing their journey southwards.

Not far after that encounter the party set up camp along the roadside. During the night, Sloan and the dwarven warrior Durgan spoke briefly of his arrival from Lastwall and how his superior — a knight by the name of Dalton Monferre — refused to believe that orcs could be organizing an offensive in Nirmathas. Durgan was determined to bring proof back to Lastwall and organize a full-scale offensive against the orcs. Ashera was dismissive of Dalton's attitude, believing firmly that humans are prone to see things in too short of terms, a slight that indirectly implicated Sloan and one that Ashera was quick to apologize for.

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