Nation Nirmathas
Status Ruin
Origin Human
Occupants None

Founded in 4663 AR following the liberation of Nirmathas from Molthune, the village of Wintersbreath changed little in its time. Built atop an ancient druidic temple, the village was considered to be sacred to the god of nature, Gozreh, and its inhabitants payed proper honor during solstice and equinox. The village gained its name from wintersbreath, a rare perennial plant similar to holly held as sacred by druidic followers of Gozreh. Wintersbreath saw its population dwindle in the years closing in on 4707 AR as corruption from the darkblight at the heart of the Fangwood caused animals to go mad and crops to yield smaller harvests.

On the 21st of Kuthona, 4707, the entire village of Wintersbreath was destroyed by a marauding band of orcs and nearly all its citizens were either captured or slain defending their home. The village was burned to the ground and the 82 survivors who escaped the orcs braved the cold, wintry roads to seek shelter with the druids of Crystalhurst.